The main objective of this block is to contribute with comprehensive knowledge of the natural resources that will ultimately lead rational and responsible industrial mining, with appropriate safety and environmental caretaking standards and positive social development. This block allows interchange of scientific knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to facilitate discoveries, evaluate discoveries, and to optimize exploitation and metallurgical benefits, all challenging geological tasks with very important roles in development.

This block is centered in the evolution and perspectives of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation with special emphasis in onshore-offshore exploration. E&D (Exploration & Development) projects will also be presented, the new challenges and contributions of generated data using new tools to discover deposits, and positive consequences of coherent and accurate industry management. Likewise, contributions with Government institutions in scientific information processing to promote more exploration investments are considered.

Resilient cities are based in the knowledge and reduction of the geological and seismic risk, in the expansion of these as much as of the location of the development projects in areas of less danger; therefore, their sustainability in time. The topics to be presented and discussed within this block will be of great support in the taking of decisions of regional and local governments.

In this block, we present modern methodologies and research results, data base management and progresses in continental and marine geology, and encourage and direct our Geosciences glances to Applied Geology branches such as Hydrogeology, Remote Sensing, Geometallurgy, Geomedicine, Geoagriculture, and others.